Music protects us from the elements of life.

is like an umbrella, letting us be absorbed in the rain but never letting it hit our heads.

need this as a poster.. maybe i'll make a remake of it but in portland.

Chicago by paint roller. Just substitute Chicago for your towns name and silhouette.

Penguins, love and music illustration by Heng Swee Lim

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based illustrator and graphic designer Lim Heng Swee aka ilovedoodle is the creator of these extremely inspiring and humorous doodle

Seriously? Trees, piano, AND giraffes? I'm in love.

Ilusiones ópticas en camisetas.

Music i love this image because they have created trees and added a Giraffe as a jungle scene but if you look at the picture overall you can see that the original shape are the black and white keys of a piano/keyboard.

Jazz night

Piano Night

Piano Night is a Women's T Shirt designed by AlbertoArni to illustrate your life and is available at Design By Humans


A cute Photoshop illustration by Cyril Rolando of a boy playing a piano aquarium. Fish jump out to the waiting cats below