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Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.H tanks of 11. Panzer-Division enter a Soviet village. Note the equipment covered by tarps and the extra track on the Panzer III ("21") in the background. Behind the front tank we can see the Ghost emblem of the Division. Crews would live out of their vehicle. The Panzer III in the foreground has a Swastika flag strapped on the turret for identification by German aircraft

This Photo not taken by my Grandfather but he was with Lt Helmut Frohberg his Gespenster Division Pz.Kpfw III from Panzer Division, Winter

Polish Calvary vs a German invader September 1939

1939 09 02 A Polish cavalry unit dares to attack a German motorcycle unit with only a sword. Since the end of the Great War, the Polish army was much less advanced than the German Army, often sending cavalry against German Panzer columns.





PANZERKAMPFWAGEN IV. www.historysimulation.com

D (turmnummer commanded by Oberleutnant Lieutenant) Karl Hanke and assigned to the Panzer Regiment Division under Generalmajor Erwin Rommel during the Battle of France. This propaganda photo appeared in Signal magazine in 1940

Tiger Tank Color Schemes - Bing Images

Tiger H/E camouflage patterns - Poland, summer 1944

SS-Panzer Division Leibstandarte | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Panzer VI “Tiger” and Schwimmwagen the Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101 in Normandy in June of

StuG III, StuH 42 www.nipon-scope.com

A display featuring variant identification for the StuG III, StuH 42