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Japanese Type 92 Osaka armored car Shangai 1937 - pin by Paolo Marzioli

The Type 92 Osaka was an army armored car built in for service in China about which little is known about.

Fiat Terni 1918 colonial police Libya 1920s

The Terni armored car was conceived in 1918 for colonial service.

БА-10 из состава РОА, Прага, апрель 1945 г.

БА-10 из состава РОА, Прага, апрель 1945 г.

T28E1AA Gun HalfTruck

The Half Track was derived from the Scout Car and used as a gun tractor and troop carrier.

Type 2593 Sumida

Based on a truck, the Type 93 Sumida was a heavy armoured car designed to be used both on road and tracks in the wide expanses of China

Humber Mk.II Armoured Car in Italy

The Humber Armoured Car was a direct descendant of the Guy AC.

ACV-IP Mark II - Armoured Car Wheeled - Indian Pattern

The ACV-IP was produced en masse by Tata and other industrial facilities in India and was the main Indian armoured vehicle during the war

United Kingdom (1941) Heavy armored car – 629 built The first wheeled tank? Most armored cars of the time only performed reconnaissance mission, and were light models armed with machine guns. There were examples of vehicles armed with a gun, not only in Great Britain, but also in the USA and USSR. The Daimler Armoured [...], pin by Paolo Marzioli

The AEC was probably the heaviest armed and protected armored car in the Allied arsenal. Its last version sported a 76 mm gun and 65 mm thick frontal armor

Humber Mk.IA, the AA version.

I antiaéreo equipado con ametralladoras BESA de mm, Gran Bretaña,