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For all you manga editors out there, here, have a transparent Kaneki from the latest chapter of Tokyo ghoul re :). Took me a while to manually crop it, feel free to use it for your edits !

Tokyo Ghoul | Kaneki Ken's Smiles (Manga) - Someone.. Protect these smiles

Read VIII from the story Memes De Anime :v by Fujoshi_xiii (🎈) with reads.

Tokyo Ghoul

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Hide / Haise >> My theory is that Hide was part of Sasaki's personality for reasons that happened when I finally caught myselfmup with the manga<<interesting headcanon

Хидэёси Нагатика / Hideyoshi Nagachika / 永近英良 - озвучивает Тоёнага Тосиюки

If you have ever watched Tokyo Ghoul, and finished it, this should really make you sad.