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Resultado de imagen para vampiros reales famosos

Robert Pattinson and This Anonymous Gent Share the Same Swagger and Look

25% of Americans believe in reincarnation or past lives along with over a billion Buddhists and Hindus. Read about what a Yale trained psychiatrist has to say. Lots of good links including article by the New York Times.

Is Reincarnation Possible: This has detailed research by an M. that is a psychiatrist about reincarnation. and psychiatrist that has found hundreds of cases of children remembering past lives. The picture is

Is Zach Braff A Time Traveler?

Is Zach Braff A Time Traveler?

STAX | 22 híresség hasonmása egyenesen a múltból

29 Weird Historical Photos That Prove Today’s Celebrities Have Travelled In Time.

She makes it look so easy

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Digitally recreated king tut

King Tut's DNA results, Western European. Actually the face on the right is King Akhenaten, King Tut's father.

Abolitionist John Brown looks like Charlie Sheen.

Abolitionist John Brown looks like Charlie Sheen.

I watched that as a kid and I remember being scared of Spiderus.

IMVU, the interactive, avatar-based social platform that empowers an emotional chat and self-expression experience with millions of users around the world.

sosie star Reznor et Bonaparte

Les sosies des stars qui ont vecu dans le passé

More Celebrities Who Might Be Time Travelers 18 - Trent Reznor and Napoleon Bonaparte

LOL. Duck Dynasty's Willie

Korie Robertson on

Willie Robertson is famous for making his family’s duck call business into a dynasty, but might there be something a bit more mysterious behind his success? Could Willie be a vampire?

Nicolas Cage is an immortal vampire.

16 Ridiculous Celebrity Conspiracies That'll Make You Question Everything