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Fotos inèditas Ejercito Nazi 2GM (MEGAPOST) - Taringa!

Fotos inèditas Ejercito Nazi 2GM (MEGAPOST)

Makeshift ferry engineers unit Kubelwagen, Germany pin by Paolo Marzioli

t34m41_crash_3.jpg 500×315 pixels

t34m41_crash_3.jpg 500×315 pixels

Mechanic working on the vehicle in the deserts of North Africa. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

The German Africa Corps (German: Deutsches Afrikakorps), or just the Afrika Korps, was the German expeditionary force in Libya and Tunisia during the North African Campaign of World War II.

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Kubel et Borne Michelin cliché pendant l'occupation seconde guerre  WW II à Niort route de Fontenay

Soldiers driving a Kubelwagen on their way into Fontenay, France

demag-d7_sd.kfz.10_035_of_138.jpg (1200×1600)

demag-d7_sd.kfz.10_035_of_138.jpg (1200×1600)

Jagdtiger(Porsche) Pz.Jagd.Abt.653

A Jagdtiger (Porsche chassis) Pz. 653 on a loading dock awaiting it's turn to drive onto a heavy duty flat car to be transported by rail

German Cars/Vehicles in Wehrmacht Service - Page 13

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German soldiers out hunting using their VW Type 82 kübelwagen.

Four Afrika Korps men returning from a successful hunting expedition. Pin by Paolo Marzioli