Sherlock Staffel 4

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Ha Ha The only time I remember them holding hands was when they were running to 22 Northumberland Street... When was this?

People will do more than talk! They'll make a fucking fandom and imagine you going at it at every possible chance! :)<--- pinning for this!

Sherlock Temporada 4 | HD720 MP3 ESPAÑOL 2GB | VS | 01/03...

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Sherlockians, unidos! - *-*

Esses dois ❤

Which Is Your Favorite Bromance In Literature?

Do yourself a favor and start watching this insanely good series. (On Netflix, bbc, masterpiece on pbs). Benedict Cumberbatch is so sexy as the new Sherlock and Watson is played by a famous actor from one of my favorite films Lord of the Rings!

No one will understand the perfection that is Jim Moriarty

No one will understand the perfection that is Jim Moriarty <<< Sherlock: The one fandom where the antagonist is a psychopath who the main characters must stop be we adore him and his murderous, insane ways

Sherlock and John, Holmes and Watson.

Friend:*Falls down the stairs* *Beginning to cry * It hurt so much!It hurt ! Me:Bitch!*Give her 3 Season of Sherlock,All season Doctor who,All season of Supernatural*Watch this and you will feel what pain feels like.