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shastastouch-of-everything: “strawberry pleasure. by magnesina ”

Tin can flower basket

TO ORDER- For free acrylic, matting/mounting, framing plus artist signature call the studio at or email jgalbo

Reflexos Da Alma...  A’cor’dar...

Image detail for -. : Selective Coloring: When Just a Little Bit of Color is Enough love to find one with just acouple or 1 colored


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Follow the green path by Toño Ortiz,,,color splash

Line and Emphasis are both used in this picture; line defines the street and the green trees along the way are emphasized in the black and white picture.

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Blush is a wine made from red grapes but which appears pink or salmon in color because the grape skins were removed from the fermenting juice before more color could be imparted; more commonly referred to as rose.