Incroyable <3 **** Napoléon lolll <3


Incroyable **** Napoléon lolll I told her the Red waistcoat doesn’t go with this suite but she insisted now I have to go hunting and the prey will see me coming!

「どうも、食材です」とある地鶏屋のポスターが涙無しには見られない件(画像12枚) / 鶏さんを大事に育ててくれる人, 鶏さんを食べられるようにしてくれる人, 鶏さんのお肉を運んでくれる人, 鶏さんのお肉を売ってくれる人, 鶏さんのおいしいお料理を作ってくれる人…みんなみんなありがとう!そして鶏さん, ごはんになってくれてありがとう!


【癒やしと笑いがいっぱい】ツイッターで盛り上がった動物たち 25選 - ペット日和

Strike a pose! Eurasian Eagle Owl (bubo bubo) by Helen Priem (Needlefelted…




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This collection of scary birds will keep you awake at night and make you look up to the sky.

When the uber driver is sketchy but everyone's too tired to care

When the uber driver is sketchy but everyone's too tired to care Yjis is a great picture

The cutest!!!

salithewitch: “myfriendscallmekazzy: “stunningpicture: “ Two happy owlets ” AHHHHHHHHH ” and they’re covered in snow so they’re moist owlettes ”

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Little Kids and Their Big Dogs is a heartwarming photography project by Andy Seliverstoff that focuses on the unbreakable bond between little children and their supersized dogs. The photographer, spent four months taking thousands of pictures in St Pe