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future dog--Keeshond - Distinctive facial markings called spectacles set apart this breed of Dutch origin and give it a look of great intelligence, a look that is borne out by the breed's alert, lively and trainable nature.

Keeshond = Wolfspitz = Spitz German

Keeshond Breed Information, Characteristics, Puppy Names

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Adorable Keeshond

Initially, this type of dog was known as the Barge dog because they were often kept onboard barges that plied the canals. Another popular nickname for the Keeshond is The Smiling Dutchman because of their natural alertness and what appears to be a smile.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor northern inuit hond

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor northern inuit hond

Keeshonden & pomeranians are my favorite dogs

Keeshond photos and wallpapers. The beautiful Keeshond pictures

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Beautiful Keeshond dog on the grass. A compact looking husky from the Spitz dog family.

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Keeshond in the snow. This is me when I get to play in snow.

Keeshond in the snow. MY DOG is exactly the same in the snow. My kids have even buried him in it:)