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Night Terrors ~ Zootopia ~ Nick Wilde ~ Judy Hopps

Night Terrors - Zootopia by RickGriffin

Night Terrors ~ Zootopia ~ Nick Wilde ~ Judy Hopps (is it bad I ship them even though that wouldn't work out?

let me ask you something carrots Like what you see ?

thesleevia: “Another naturalist experience! Poor Judy must be traumatized XD This is the first comic strip I’ve ever tried… hope it looks alright!

Comics / Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde. #Zootopia, #Зверополис, #Disney, #furry, #фурри

Is it bad that I ship them <<<you can ship them as much as you can ship two different species of animals. <<< It's Called HYBRIDS! *dances around* Funny Boxes!

So cute, even when they wake up together ❤

“craptaztic: “cloudyloudy: “ nekomimiranger: “ pyrophoricitee: “ alpicture: “Another good morning XD ” that is adorable, adorably adorable :) GREAT work ! ” J: “Nick you need to get.

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Into too many things for a proper list. JUDY/NICK - Asuna/Kirito - Simon/Nia - Gray/Juvia and so many more.

Doodling up Space

you can’t look me in the eyes and say this would not happen.anyways I’m finally done with all my exams and essays and . you dork