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Secretos sacados de la página web "TuSecreto". Espero que rías, llore… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Tu Secreto Fails 5

Read 200 from the story Momos by BryanMafla with reads. Échale un vistazo a mi nuevo libro de Momos 2 :v/


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Hola, Linces, Maquinolas, Robertos y toda la Comunidad taringuera, He dedicado un tiempo en buscar y recolectar unas imagenes, ya que no tengo vida social, me la paso virgueando todo el dia, como todo un forever alone, y hoy quiero enseñar esta...

[MEGAPOST] Humor Grafico, Pasa Lince

And here's the extended edition.

And here's the extended edition.

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Cualquier parecido con la realidad es pura coincidencia JAJAJAJA

Cualquier parecido con la realidad es pura coincidencia JAJAJAJA

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Or maybe what I wear shouldn't matter because I'm allowed o put on my body what I want and I'm not your wife so you don't gotta worry about that and you're not a baby so my boobs aren't giving you any sort of nutrients. If you want us to stop saying men are uncontrollable dogs, stop acting like it and portraying it that way. I'm only posting this bs in quotes cuz it doesn't fit in any of my other boards.

Did you just look at my chest?

:"v yo soy plana y soy mujer

:"v yo soy plana y soy mujer

joly yisus :v

Tommy Vercetti, el ultimo 10 del GTA