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He could do damage to Jefferson without writing under a pseudonym

And uses words like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis (wow it auto corrected, nice.

Not technically my "teenage years," but I didn't expect this for my early adulthood either

My teenage years were/are being spent being snarky, bitchy, unspecial and bursting into tears over Hamilton

Oh how things escalate #Hamilton #Funny #AlexanderHamilton

As a descendant of John Adams, I'm obligated to take offense to that. XD ------- As a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, I have the right to agree with Hamilton XD

(every time I listen to that song) MAYBE HE'LL SAY NO THIS TIME

I almost can never listen to that song because of the amount of betrayal I feel and the overwhelming desire to hit Hamilton with a brick.

When your best friend says you're Eliza

I try and explain to people the importance of the motifs and the characters musical phrases and everyone's like, "what?