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He tucks his hands further into his new sweater, staring down at the street below. Snow swirls through the frigid January air, but the warning charms Mr Graves cast on the wool keep him warm.

“ “ She quickly found the British-racing-green sweater that she’d borrowed before and noticed with satisfaction that it had apparently been returned to its formerly pristine condition. She boldly held.

Hufflepuff aesthetic

Hufflepuff Aesthetics (if anyone can find the Slytherin one, would you kindly link me to it?

I like the dark background against the lighter wool. A good 'work-in-progress' shot. However, I'm not sure it would work with my crochet project, as there's only one hook as opposed to two needles that make good lines.

jo on

Knittings not manly they say as I stab one of those shits though their eye