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Beautiful Photos of #IKEA Kitchen Items Neatly Arranged... the Swedish furniture company has teamed up with the photographer and stylist #Evelina_Kleiner.  See others at #PetaPixel

Beautiful Photos of IKEA Kitchen Items Neatly Arranged

Ikea + Carl Kleiner - Once again Carl Kleiner collaborated with ikea with their kitchenware photo shoot after the home made best campaign.

Eva Black Design blog | Carl Kleiner images

You know who I’m talking about right? Carl Kleiner did the amazing Ikea cookbook “Homemade is Best” images. Well he’s at it again with these amazing product shots for Ikea.


Dinner Etiquette

Still life series by Australian duo, photographer Scott Newett and art director & prop stylist Sonia Rentsch


Canadian photographer Todd McLellan pulled apart vintage gadgets such as cameras, telephones and typewriters to create museum-like studies from all the parts. His exploded views are the kind you'd really like to present to a client.

Image of Disassembled Russian Watch

Disassembled Russian Watch

Credit: Todd McLellan/Thames & Hudson Disassembled Russian Vostok watch from the Number of parts: 130

Top 10: List by Jon: 6. Carl Kleiner for IKEA

"Hembakat är Bäst" HOMEMADE IS BEST. BEAUTIFUL photos and what a unique way to show a recipe. "The baking book contains 30 classic swedish baking recipes everything from small biscuits to large cakes.


Homemade is Best by Evelina Bratell

Colin Forbes, Think Metric   c.1968

Colin Forbes, Think Metrics. Poster explains the metric system (which was then about to become standard in Britain) in terms of the sizes of objects that are both familiar and—particularly in juxtaposition—graphically interesting