Of course Percabeth's wedding won't be normal at all. Uncle Rick is the sassy and crazy creator of this awesome world, I mean, do I need to say more?

>:_D ( I don't even know what that is )

BWOOOSHH = MIND BLOWN Im just realllyyyy wondering why he chose to be a teacher after all this time. Lol<<<he's from cabin 6 (Athena).

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Lol I can just see Jason and frank doing most of the lifting wile Percy and Annabeth struggle to get out of their grip wile Leo takes a bunch of pictures then hazel and Piper are laughing their heads off

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This would be absolutely AMAZING. Just imagine Percy inviting the coach back to Camp Half-Blood and Charon just getting all teary eyed and welcoming.


<<and then they decided to let that paint job stay<<whoever wrote that, you are my new best friend<< mine to!

And nico held up a sign that said she is my cousin

Now, isn't that awkward? Well, really the level of awkwardossity depends on when this takes place. Is this after pretty much everyone but Percy knows Nico's gay or before.

hahahaha... #persassy

hahahaha... #persassy