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I want to know what this sexy beast is!?!?

I want to know what this sexy beast is!?!?

1990 BMW M8 / 550hp V12 / 1 prototype / red / Germany / 17-315

1990 BMW / / 1 prototype / red / Germany / - Wrestling Is Fun!

Ferrari 250 Testarossa

*From Original Poster:* Ferrari 625 TRC Spider . had one of these as a slot car when I was a boy . still have the little car . tracks all burnt up and won't work. Bet that would also be true if I got my man-hands on this man-toy!

1966 Dino 206 GT / 180hp 2.0l V6 / Ferrari / yellow / Italy / 17-323

The Ferrari 599 with its 6 litre engine accelerates from 0 - 100 km/h mph) in just seconds and has a top speed of 330 km/h mph).

Bugatti Galibier desde todos los angulos

MISTRESS: Black Exterior, Mahogany Interior, Champagne Lining, A Little Bling Bugatti Galibier - Luxury Car Connection

Maranello nel MO

Thats the meaniest looking 458 italia I've seen other than the race class models. Now to get Ferrari to give me one for test driving for say a year or three, free of charge of course!

$3.4 million  W Motors Lykan Hypersport



Ferrari porche lamborghini bugatti and many other awesome cars i like