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lots of fun lesson ideas here, the kids will be doing picture stories as part of our American History unit

At Thanksgiving, let's present additional high quality coloring pages for the kids that picture more about real-life American History than they may have been taught in school. We know that there were no such things as .

Spirit Of The Wild - Birds Of Prey - Dream Catcher - Three Eagles by Carol Cavalaris


'THINK on THESE THINGS' By Joyce Sequichie Hifler/ Tsalagi Cherokee Some of the dearest moments ever spent are those on the road I didn't want to travel. And some of the most magnificent doors I've ever passed through are where before there was no way.

☆ Pow-wow Dancer :¦: By Artist James Bama ☆:

James Bama - Pow-Wow Dancer - Search Gallery One for Native Americans limited edition prints, giclee canvases and original paintings by internationally-known artists