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Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

artwork WPAP on 2012 kaku banget dah lama gak berkarya monggo dinikmati

barba latinoamericana

A man who raged against capitalism then reverted back to his mansion at night. I really enjoy Che merchandise. It makes it so much easier to identify and avoid pseudo-intellectual hipsters.


Che Guevara, An Icon of Liberation for teeming masses of Millions of Men, Women and Children which have been living under the scourge of Imperialism.

fotos y frases de Ernesto CHE guevara

щампа Ернесто Че Гевара– създайте дизайн върху тениска, чанта, раница, шапка, чаша, значка, или друг продукт по ваш дизайн!

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¡Venceremos! (We Will Prevail); Ernesto Che Guevara. Macmillan, Sitio del Periódico de Guantánamo, Cuba, 1968.

(We Shall Overcome!) poster, unknown artist, around Museum no. (PS, I do not like or support Che. He was a terrible human being, despite what hipsters think. Like the poster layout though.

La ultima foto del Che Guevara con vida

La ultima foto con vida de algunos famosos

Che Guevara taker prisioner in Bolivia. Few hours before his murder.

Che Guevara Rød (Lettere beskadiget))

1968 Che Guevara poster by Jim Fitzpatrick, well - known Irish Celtic artist.

Andy Warhol: El icono del Pop-Art americano | Trianarts

Che Guevara pillow case, cover ( 1 or 2 Side Print With Size 36 inch )


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