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Resultado de imagen para alya

Resultado de imagen para alya

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my Bubbler end card redraw for the Miraculous End Card project organized by the great THANKS FOR A GREAT SEASON ONE!

Resultado de imagen para alya

Miraculous Ladybug - Clues to Adrien's little crush on Mari - Mr.

cat noir: que bueno que me tienes como amigo ... ladybug: pero lo hubiera hecho sola ... cat noir: pero somos el equipo de el "gato y bicho" ladybug:"bicho y gato"

Ladybug: What do you think you're doing Cat Noir: Good thing you have friends in high places

Which do you prefer? Can I just comment that it looks like they're house shopping? "OH, how bout that neighborhood? No, to far from the action, what if something happens and we can't get there in time? We could go this way?" "What ever you say My Lady."

Are You a Ladybug or a Cat Noir?

Are you more like Marinette or Adrien? Ladybug or Cat Noir? Take our Ladybug and Cat Noir quiz to find out!

Resultado de imagen para marinette villana

Resultado de imagen para marinette villana

O casamento de Adrien e Marinette ❤️❤️

When Chat Noir went evil and she had to kiss him to get him good again.

At the end omg that id perfect. It shows that she is really worried about him and that little piece of chat that is left is all like omg she's hot. But that part of him can't remember wtf