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A collection of photos from Chernobyl, Pripyat and the surrounding area. Part 2 of The top photo is a picture of the Chernobyl nuclear plant from the top of a Pripyat hotel.

Cold mountain: Alexander Gronsky’s lens turns an industrial city into an unlikely Arctic Arcadia - The Calvert Journal

# week 4 separation of cities gap between the urban poor and the new rich. Cities grow but can't maintain its infrastructure

Elsa Bleda is a talented photographer, writer, model and filmmaker based between the cities of Istanbul and Johannesburg. Bleda, known as the creator of other-worldly images with her cinematic and …

Cinematic and Dystopian Nightscapes

Elsa Bleda — photography - Johannesburg-based photographer, Elsa Bleda ( has some serious nightscape photos with those neon, night, foggy, cinematic and dystopian vibes we really really like her work.

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They live in a rapidly growing dystopian world, but there’s a twist; the government is the only thing holding people together, and the only good left


The walls of the enclosure where the boundry meets the outside world. In all her time here, Zeta has witnessed only one escape attempt.

.where the anarchists used to live

sedat balun on

The wold was destroyed when the sun flares hit. Some of the major cities were saved for the people who were still healthy. Eventually even the most protected cities fell to the cranks who either drove all the healthy people to the wilderness or ate them.

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his parents house burned down because his fathers anger got the best of him - alcohol and all. sean was abused, beaten badly and cut with knifes when bad. his mother never did a thing: in fear the same would happen to her.