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Namaikizakari ~ Pregunta directa, Naruse

Open RP need him romance)I was hanging out with my best friend I'd met when I was 4. We were watching a Supernatural marathon and already on season 5. We watched in silence for a while, and I felt a hand placed on my chin. My head was turned and i saw him leaning towards me than kissed me. (open romance rp, im the girl)

My head was turned and i saw him leaning towards me. (open romance rp, im the girl

I wish my life story is like anime. It's way better and adventurous! :D <<Namaikizakari *^* ! they're soooooo cute, Naruse puppy's face is just so .

Not much of a romance reader, but this manga is so subtly adorable, the feminine side of me can't help but get sappy XD

MAL Kyou 8.11 Kimi ni todoke 8.37 Namaikizakari 8.12 Private prince 7.77 Yukarism 8.02

Takane to hana, tsubaki chou, namaikizakari, kimi ni todoke & hiyokoi KYAAAAAAA

ミユキ蜜蜂 on

oh my god this looks like a Natsu and Naruse crossover! Fairy Tail x Namaikizakari