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Miraculous LadyBug | Леди Баг и Супер-кот

Miraculous LadyBug | Леди Баг и Супер-кот

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Miraculous Ladybug - oh my goodness, they kinda have the same smile, and that crazy look in their eyes. What if Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste? Because Cat Noir is Adrien Agreste and the gene for that smile could have come from his dad!

Look how he's leaning away from her. She makes him so uncomfortable.

She makes him so uncomfortable.<<She makes everyone uncomfortable. She can take that uncomfortableness and go on a very long trip.

That's our small banana sunshine!

From now on, Chat/Adrien will be forever known as small banana sunshine child. This is final.

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Terrible Nerdery The best part of this is you don't know who threw him ladybug or the akumatised victim

My plan worked

Woah wow wait hold up. What if Hawkmoth's plan all along is to keep creating villains so that Ladybug and Chat Noir get to hang out. Lol what if Hawkmoth is just a massive LadyNoir shipper?