More more more handsome. But he can more more more dope sexy cute derp.

My heart

Aww but they're still just as sweet Suga loves his dongsaengs so much and Jungkook may seem like an ungrateful little sht a lot of the time but he also respects and loves his hyungs a lot as well ❤️omg have same problem😂still tall fam tho

So true, omg!|min yoongi/suga| bts♡

Let's upgrade~ sorry for the last pic of Yoongi, too good not to pin

Wtf haha

Wtf haha but tbh yixing probably wouldn't be much help considering his results in school weren't stellar haha >>idgaf mate are u saying u don't wanna fucking. die bc of that shot

Kill me now

I feel like they weren’t ripped before he wore them but then boom his thighs came out

I aspire to have quads toned enough to show through my pants like these boys do like god damn

He kept that promise And I'm still dying rn fml I'm only a year younger and I still haven't got that glo up ; Well he never needed one bc he was always perfect ohohohohoh

BTS V | ahueheuheueheue who knew v can speak so well

Taehyung told ARMY t to Ay that his grandma passed away on September and he was crying my poor babyy I hope he is feeling well x

AHAHAHAHHA!!! but what if she really got

Hahahahahahaha Boi getting an aroha in trouble for watching their live in class


I am no longer a Noona but has become Ahjumma :( <<< lol I'm younger than him )) which makes most of idols twice my age ((( <<<<same. but jungkook is only like 3 years older than me, then all the rest are way older.

Hahaha kookie

"I was already aware this stereotype was false but poor Kookie it's a good thing he's so talented because he's special." Omg this caption XD