i would have replied in the exact same way

i would have replied in the exact same way. Who tf is this bish to say this tho

Oh THATS IT! I always wondered and it's on my list of things to look up ahah

ngl this happened to me as well except it was over an i pod

taehyung predebut - Google Search

taehyung predebut - i find him cute



This is too friggin cute

Now this reminded me of the fact that he has to go into the military

「 Vkook 」   ㅡ♡

AW tae tae gave jungkook a iron man figure something Ueje and jungkook looked shook then he threw the pooh? Plushie and took the iron man figure!so cute vkook.

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I love JRE omg.and his video about him being BTS trash.I can relate xD


He said in an interview that he becomes very nervous and stiff in photo shoots, which is why he pulls an awkward smile protect him at all costs