Anime Boy Crying

Spaliłem nadzieje, ale może jednak nowy rok będzie lepszy w/∞Infinitum∞

Vũ khí: Bất cứ thứ gì rơi vào trong tay đều là vũ khí Sở thích:Đọc sách, xem phim kinh dị, trinh thám và tâm lí, ăn bánh và uống trà Sở đoản:…

Assassins Academy [ Đầy Mem ] - Tsurugi Shinigami

Mirai Nikki \\ 未来日記 \\ The Future Diary - - - Aru Akise

Anime boy crying

((Open RP I'm the boy)) *Sits in My bedroom And starts crying*

Seeing a guy stare at something with distant eyes is an eye-catching experience.

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*boy at the park lays in the grass and staring off into the distance, daydreaming, has no clue he's being watched* *girl on bench hums slightly and kicks her feet back and forth*

Everything is grey but the tears are blue and this really portrays a sense of such powerful sadness. It's a beautiful piece of art

I like the emotion and the gray colour, the blue tears rely shows this anime girl's sad emotions. I really like it:)♡