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Look at these amazing actors as their hero personas and when they're playing the people behind them. look at Captain America - so starkly different from the fun loving Chris. LOOK AT TOM SMIRKING

Iron Man 3

Captain America's a little worried about this Mandarin business, but the rest of the Avengers seem pretty chill. (Check out the gif on clickthrough where Cap asks why Thor's a cardboard cutout.) "Terrorists are bad for my blood pressure.


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And this is why Captain America is AMAZING...as if I needed any further reasoning..hehe! <3

Captain America Facts

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If you get this movie reference you are awesome... (Meet the Robinson's meet the Avengers!)

Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers…

Funny pictures about Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers. Oh, and cool pics about Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers. Also, Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers.

gaming mood

(Gif) thor Loki the avengers marvel do I look to be in a gaming mood

haha I'd probably break down in tears too...

consoles a young boy in tears because Iron Man isn’t in his costume. I don’t know who looks more distraught: Downey or the kid. Is this the moment that RDJ realized that he isn't actually Iron Man?

The Avengers Condensed

The Avengers Condensed

Aw.. He looks so happy when he's mindcontroling mortals :D

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