Cool horse mane braids for those of you who have lots of patience, lol, and a patient horse.

nothing makes my heart beat fonder or wilder. missing the horses, today.

Classy English riding attire for stylish equestrians. This is a simple look that is both functional and flattering.

I tried out my 'wave braid' on my friends horse, Flame. She has a very long main-at least 14". I made the running braid portion of each braid without the wire and added it in about 8 inches before the end of each braid. I used one wire per braid-folded in half. This is a great braid for long manes-very fast and easy.

Wave braid: great braid for long manes!

Fishtail braid in my horse's tail that I did!

30 Amazing Horse Tail Braids Ideas to make Your Friends Jealous - Tail and Fur


I love splash horses! Interesting how the mare passed the bald face, its fascinating! "How Pale Face!