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Amor do mar

Mermaid ★ prince: down where they do not walk down where they do not run down where they pop their heads to stay all day in the sun swimming free wish I could be part of the sea.


A mermaid is a mythological aquatic creature with a female human head and torso and the tail of a fish.


suchbeautyandyetdeadly: “mermaidmargo: “ See Through Sea Mermaid Experience Tail: Finfolk Productions Source Gif by Mermaid Margo ” ” I’m not super into mermaids or anything, but this is an impressive.

Um seriously?! I want a mermaid tail!!!!! Anyone who says they don't want one is full of shit LOL

Finfolk Custom Mermaid Tails

Swim around the pool like a mythical creature of the deep with the deluxe mermaid tails. These beautiful tails are intricately decorated and painted in vibrant.

Sally art

I don't know if you like nightmare before Christmas but this reminded me of you and wanted to share :) super awesome, I thought. Would make a good tattoo! :) Lolita Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.

Mermaid Linden

Mermaid Linden - fun fact - the tail she has on here isn't her fancy silicone one made by an FX studio. This tail is a sequin tail I think she made herself. Before she had her iconic silicone tail this is the one she was always wearing.