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Oh my... "Fangirling" XD

Oh my... "Fangirling" XD

Alpha Sig 1970 ,St. Norbert College  Greek alphabet - with mouthful of crackers - all before the match flame burnt out...

My grade teacher taught us the Greek alphabet and we studied percy Jackson to learn Greek mythology; needless to say BEST WEEK EVAR<<<what teacher is this? I want that teacher

The Seven on: Who’s the best dancer | HoO

I beat Percy and Jason at something physical! Best day of my life!" Leo and Percy are the best people EVER!

I can see that

I'm glad he isn't my coach or he'd be yelling the exact sane thing to me. I suck at Backstroke<<<<<yes yes you do my butterflying friend

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Yeah US! Please, follow the example from the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD and use kilometers, forget the miles! - By a PJO/HoO fan from Brazil

Good job Hazel :) When Frank is done with being the only Canadian born person in the 7 and on the Argo II.

it's a DAM Percy Jackson thing this is why I love the books

I was in the car with my dad and he was in the phone talking to my mom. He told her that we were driving over the dam. I laughed and said, "The dam snackbar!" He's never read the Percy Jackson series and was extremely confused.