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Sesión pastelería Desucre

Sesión pastelería Desucre


Rocambole Garlic - Hot and full of flavour, they are a chef's favourite. High in sulfenic acid, which gives garlic its chilli-like burning taste, but quickly dissipates.


Stimulate Vata and calm Kapha dosha, Pitta eat occasionally - Rasberries, sweet, sour and astringent Dosha foods

Monica Eisenman « Stylists « Agent Bauer

Color Pallet: Bowl of Figs: Kalamata, Deep Blush, Sea Weed, Prim Rose

www.passeradimare.it Ristorante di Pesce La Passera di Mare

These humble garlic heads were the models du jour. Nice shades of purple, papery skin and what's more, a pungent taste.

Food Photography | Artichokes. This was my first time photographing Artichokes! I had a lot of fun styling these images and playing with the light.

Food Photography

Natural slug repellent. Boil in 2 pints of water 2 crushed garlic cloves. Boil for half an hour. Let it cool, strain out the water and put into a bottle. Put 2 Tbls spoons into 10L of water and drench the area that you want slugs away from. Do this once a week.

Pumpkin tagliatelle with pumpkin seed pesto – bye-bye until autumn