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I can do this med thing

hannahreveur: “ It was easier than I thought to get back into the groove of things… Chemistry vocab and diagrams of the noggin… Question for you (in relation to an English project): how do you think.

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The quiet and spacious library allows for a conducive study area where lots of homework gets completed and you can study for a test with ease.


hannahreveur: “ Working on a timeline for hominin evolution, I like this a lot more than primates tbh🤗🙈 🙃Also, I may have accidentally discovered k-pop… so help 🙃 ”


For all the people like me that do their hair really nicely so they can feel hot while studying algebra.

A cup of coffee on your laptop. Sure. It looks cute but... I wouldn't try it.

A cup of coffee on your laptop. This is what my desk looks like exept for the coffee on the computer