Stand in the Rain by superchick

Rainy as hell // Manga / Anime Illustrations by Patipat Asavasena I usually look right past anime illustrations but this one caught my eye, there is something refreshingly calm about it.

Lately it feels as if every bad thought, every monster, every skeleton has come out into the darkness to find me.

Eden goes through many year of depression before finally deciding that she was going to enjoy her life, even if she was insane. During that time is when we see her darkest works of art ✯ Despair . By *MichaelBrack*✯

((Open rp•Be anyone•any gender. I'm her•Name=Autumn)) She seemed to stand out almost everywhere. She had been called a freak, crazy. But the truth was she was just different. She was always off in her own world and she stood out anywhere. But tonight, when you saw here, seemed to be extraordinary. She stood in the middle of a crosswalk in a long shirt, staring at you. Butterflies starting flying down out of nowhere. But she just stared at you.

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Rainy days are good for you..

WEBSTA "Autumn approaches and the heart begins to dream." –Bashō ✨ artwork by Tamaki

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In what world would the front steps of a palace be a natural, shallow pond? What creatures can walk through it without cringing or, well, dying? Perhaps only the merfolk.

Alone doesn't mean lonely

The rain falls in this dark and lonely night, but I must move onwards. Till the day I find you

HUAHUA✿┞liran┦✿ FIG.#child #forest #Japanese #art

Labelled as anime art. I'd refer to the source, but I can't read Chinese lol -- source note: cartoon, drawing, illustration. i choose "illustration"

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Pink trees and street lamp, lady on a bench anime art. /Pixiv Id on We Heart It

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I am me. I make friends with owls and drink tea. Judge me if you like. I walk misty paths, and live in wild forests. I stop at circuses to say hello, but never stay for more then a day.