Who else misses the old *coughs* better *tries to cough again but fails uncontrollably but then coughs anyway* Magcon?

Truth or Dare with (old) Magcon

That is like me and my friends but clearly I am the weird in Somme and Jacob are perfect for each other

Then the person asks why I'm weird. I instantly rap Guns and Ships and play Washington On Your Side on a beats speaker at full volume.

So true!!! My brain is made up of all Shawn Mendes and the 1975 (matty healy is so freaking hot i can't even OMG wtffff)

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Why other reason would I have him as my wallpaper ❤

Grandmas are the best. They think every man in your camera roll is your boyfriend. Heck yeah, shawn's in my camera roll so he's my boyfriend, I mean er, uh.

Friend: What are you going to do when Matt gets a girlfriend? Me: Have a boyfriend. Duhh

Me: What are you going to do when Matt gets a girlfriend? Tiawna: Have a boyfriend.

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My friends be like "oh is that that boy you always obsess over" I be like "Oh you mean Shawn Peter Raul Mendes 17 years old born August 8 1998 obsessed with Harry Potter writer of the 3 time platinum song Stitches?