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Cuando se junta la hermosura con la historia. El enigmático templo de Luxor. Photo: Mahmoud Hassan. Shared by Edith Cruz

Travel Inspiration for Egypt - Luxor, Egypt. One of my favorite destinations in Egypt! I'm sure it was a Road Less Traveled in it's day. Awe inspiring for sure!

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Egypt: Cairo, the tombs of the Caliphs and the citadel in “Photochromie : voyage en couleur, Paris Bibliothèques, Eyrolles, Setting inspiration

Nile, Egypt

Water, vegetation, and sand along the Nile River, Egypt; you Can really tell how much of a difference that the Nile makes on the surrounding areas.

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This an Egyptian symbol Ankh. It symbolized eternal life to the Egyptians. This symbol was found in many writings and carried as amulets by the people. The afterlife played a big part in Egyptian culture

Akhenaten the father of Tutankhamen, Ankhesenamun, Smenkhkare, and Meritaten he had many more children because of his many wives

He began a new monotheistic religion centered around the Aten, a non-anthropomorphic sun god. He also moved the capitol to Amarna, ushering in a period of unusual innovation in Eg

The White Desert (Sahara el Beyda), Farafra, Egypt. Chalk formations of white & cream colour. Astrogeographic position for fl 1 which defines how the region is embedded in North Africa: located in solid earth sign Capricorn sign of calcium, bones, chalk and white colour. 2nd coordinate in air sign Gemini.

A crystal formation in the white desert, Egypt

Toltec warriors columns in the ancient city of Tula in Hidalgo, Mexico

Atlantes de Tula

Toltec warrior columns in the ancient city of Tula in Hidalgo, Mexico (A. I love Tula and especially these Toltec warriors.

*This Falcon was named ''horus'' *Horus had many different forms He was the brother of Osiris Set and Nephthys

this is an example of the iconography of the Horus Falcon. this specific design was created by TigerHouseArt. it was titled Ancient Egyptian Falcon Art.