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Bessie Smith.

Columbia Records ad for "Mean Old Bed Bug Blues" by Bessie Smith

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OKeh Ads Blue Belle - My Daddy's Coffin Blues (No. 8588)

OKeh Ads Blue Belle - My Daddy's Coffin Blues (No. 8588)

Robert Crumb’s illustrations have a signature style assumed to be entirely of his own creation, but like most artists he drew inspiration for his style from somewhere, and for Crumb that somewhere is an old set of ads for Paramount Records.These wonderfully illustrated ads ran in the Chicago Defender over 80 years ago, telling the stories behind popular “race music” songs like Lock-Step Blues and So Lonesome by artists such as Blind Lemon Jefferson and Ma Rainey.Crumb’s interest i...

Old Paramount Records Ads That Inspired R. Crumb's Artwork

Blind Willie Johnson  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5HaHVKRouo

A advertisiment for Blind Willie Johnson, Columbia Recording Artist.

Ma Rainey recorded 92 sides for Paramount; she was one of their biggest sellers

Why Nerdy White Guys Who Love the Blues Are Obsessed With a Wisconsin Chair Factory

I don't like to upload songs that are already posted, but the version of "Black Cat Hoot Owl Blues" that is posted cuts off at This one contains the co.

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Here are four of my favorite Paramount Race Records advertisements drawn from February to April copies of the Afro-American newspaper, Baltimore, Maryland, in