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Sharing my favorite images of women and men, and the amazingly hot beauty of uninhibited sexually...

Sharing my favorite images of women and men, and the amazingly hot beauty of uninhibited sexually.


"So many of my smiles begin with y'all." Rustic wood sign (and as a Texas native, I know y'all southwestern folks can appreciate).

As if I needed more reasons to love the south

The South: The place where: Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter. everything is darlin', someone's heart is always being blessed, pecan pie is a staple (Cheese Quotes Macaroni)

Grits Girls Raised in the South Graphics | This image is from http://www.gritsinc.com/

Translation Tuesday: Grits


👆Perfectly describes all 3 of my baby girls ~ As Southern As Possible! lol also made me think about how you girls always say g-ma Linda is saying asp instead of ASAP lol gotta love it ❤️😘

Southern words at their best...

Southern sayings.Still use this today after, even after 7 years of higher education (all in the South) //Didn't know that was Southern, I use to say that, actually like the word .

Haha. My daughter loves to make fun of me when she hears this.

Dag-nabbitt, if I told you once I told you a hunderd times, y'all don't have the sense God gave a cotton boll. You're outta your cotton pickin mind.

sign for porch by jennie

For when I have a lake house.Go Jump in the Lake, Large Bold Rustic Sign 22 x 30

southerners don't hide crazy front porch - Google Search

Here in the South we don't hide crazy. We parade it on the front porch and give it a sweet tea Is Oklahoma considered 'South'?

Southern Food

Day 8 of Pinterest ~ I <3 Being Southern

Apparently I belong in the south bc these are most of my favorite foods . Bbq and corn bread,mmmmmmmmm

You know you're from Georgia when...

You know you're from Georgia when you don't have to specify that you want "sweet tea". When you say "tea" the sweet is already implied.

Hillbillies Redneck | Hillbilly Ten Commandments | DistrictofCalamity on Revelife

Funny pictures about Hillbilly Ten Commandments. Oh, and cool pics about Hillbilly Ten Commandments. Also, Hillbilly Ten Commandments photos.

Ain't that the truth!

Funny Southern Sayings