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Mona "Leafa" Lisa

Mona Lisa carved on a leaf from a Chinar tree (native to India, Pakistan, and China). From "Leaf Carving: An Incredible New Art Form" -- click through for more incredible images.

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Leaf carving art is one of the newest art forms in recent years. Its inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, something we can all appreciate. These ones were created from the Chinar tree, which is native to India, Pakistan and China.

Leaf Carvings done by a group of Chinese artisans from Nature's Art

Leaf Carving Art

Leaf cut out illustrations by Nature’s Art - Natural leaf carving is actual manual cutting and removal of a leaf’s surface to produce an art work on a leaf. The process of carving is performed by.

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Those Crazy Leaf Carvings; What, How & Where To Buy Or Create Custom Ones.

This Incredibly Detailed Art Is Carved From A Single Leaf. The Attention To Detail Is Extraordinary http://www.wimp.com/omid-asadi-leaf-carving-art/

He Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Stunningly Beautiful And Intricate Carvings

.wow This is interesting.

map leaves_carving_masterpieces Girl with bunnies carved on a maple leaf

How to Draw a Leaf - Video Lesson by Drawing Academy | Drawing Academy

Watch "How to Draw a Leaf" Video Lesson to discover all you need to know How to Draw a Leaf. Drawing Academy presents in-depth info on How to Draw a Leaf

Leaf carving

Why carve a leaf when you can soak it to remove the fleshy parts. Glue it to tissue then paint it.

Color-blocked leaf.

Art Meets Nature: Painted Leaves by Gabee Meyer - Design Milk Quilted Leaf! How did they do this? Paint (of some sort)?