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Take a trip to Morocco and chances are you’ll find yourself basking in one of these interior courtyards. A way to bring a green space or even a pool area into the house, courtyards practically define Marrakech‘s traditional palaces called riads.

Mexican decor [ MexicanConnexionForTile.com ] #interior #Talavera #handmade

************************************** Merida Yucatan Mexico - hacienda/plantation Ticopo (tee-koh-POH) dates back to late century.

Hacienda Gogorrón, San Luis de Potosí

Hacienda Gogorrón, San Luis de Potosí

Mexico Inspiration Trip 10 by Tea Collection, via Flickr

Destination: Modern Mexico

I've always loved the idea of a upstairs outdoor patio. BUT with a spiral stair case

Simple steps to build your own backyard rink. I saw kids playing hockey on one with a bonds fire to warm up and thought their parents must be awesome!

Build your own backyard ice rink

I miss the days of building backyard rinks for my son and grandson. Still, I wouldn't trade the current nearby palm trees and pool for that snow.