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On the white side of the wolf's face, I think I'd change the eye color. Other then that, this is absolutely perfect.

The first time we stumbled across the work of Drew Apicture we were stunned. We could barely wrap our brains around the amount of detail that the artist was able to put into some of the portraits t.

Животные от Pixie Cold рисунок, Животные, тигр, львы, волк, сова, лиса, песец, длиннопост

Introducing our New "Dark Wolf" Crew-Neck! Life changing hand drawn art from Germany by the infamous Svencha! Insta: :) This High-Def Print design is made with high-quality, spun po

tattoo by Victor Octaviano

With red tints in the wolf and one blue eye Maybe a cherry tree in background for the shiba

Like the twist of blood down her mouth... next leg!!!! Yay!

Ryan Ashley Malarkey's Portfolio - Tattoos looks awesome but it's a little big for my raste

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As we mentioned above, today we’re going to satisfy our ink hunger with the most beautiful wolf tattoo designs that the internet has ever seen


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Wild Animals with Geometric Shapes - wolf

Intricate Drawings Of Wild Animals Fused With Geometric Shapes