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there won't ever be a time where this isn't funny

I did this and Patrick Stump killed the most people, including Ronnie Radke

Gerard way

when i first started listening to my chemical romance i was like omgosh gerard is so hot i wanna date him and then i found out his age then i was like i wish he was my dad--this reminds me of a lyric. Baby, seasons change but people don't.

You were the savior of everyone just as much as Gee.

poor mikey wants to be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned

sheriff gerard - Google Search

Pete's the emo king and Gerard's the emo queen ^.^ but what about, never mind Gee can be sass queen and emo queen


And he didn't have to go through surgery to become that beautiful;<< i love the red hair phase and the long(ish) black hair phase too

Same Patrick,same

Instagram Post by flo and al and cait sometimes (@doshuajun)

this man is amazing, i love him so much. i want mcr back together....... bad

I swear the way band memebers write is the reason why I link all my messy letters