Diamond Quad Point Ninja Throwing Star w/ Sheath - Black

Diamond Quad Point Ninja Throwing Star w/ Sheath - Black

Heevy disguised as a former Diane Gambino brought me w/ her to meet the Asian Orient that helps people & merchants who fight the worse of them realizing them that one of them ws a non baseball Matheny that she hated & wanted him to stop using her name so he challenged her to a duel. Ugh! I asked for it to be put in a video & BLACK WIDOW was chosen. In the ancient past Linda A Gambino ws known as The Black Widow Spider. (583)

Ninja Star Throwing Range

A few sessions at the ninja star throwing range is all you'll need to wield this lethal weapon like the most seasoned of ninjas. At this unique weapons range you'll be able to hone your ninja star throwing skills, and make sure they stay razor sharp.

Hoffman Harpoon Knife

TOPS Hoffman Harpoon - Fixed blade knife with a paracord wrapped handle to utilize as a regular knife or affix it onto a stick to use it as a spear:

This one looks like a newer version of an Ancient Nord Sword sword

# 770 Merlin the Wizard Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain -- This is a beautiful blade that I got on clearance at a K's Merchandise. I have used it to give a frame of reference to the Sword that Belengol crafts at the forge in Act IV.

12341216_10156257810405627_4821035963121665133_n.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 297 × 960 píxeles)

Lady dagger - Blade: Multi-Bar damascus, gold and diamonds. Handle: Walrus lady with golden necklace, damascus bolster. Extra: Walrus carving by Isak Bergh, Gold and diamond details by SaraMi

Switch Blade Anime Ninja Knife Cosplay Costume Weapon | eBay

Switch Blade Anime Ninja Knife Cosplay Costume Weapon

Who put the weird grip and the third blade on this novelty oversized pair of scissors?

Faca artesanal com cabo de marfim entalhado, com inserção de metal gravado

Facas artesanais

Image via This is from Van Barnett's Art Knife Invitational, so this isn't exactly functional. Image via beautiful knife Image via "The Cust