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Baekhyun & Kai

jongin looks so possessive over baekhyun haha i love kaibaek ♡ —

Kai on EXO-L's website with Baekhyun <3

here we have jongin cutely poking baekhyun while he's sleeping.

вαєк¢нєи вαєкнуυи χ ¢нєи

galaxychen: © Both Chen and Baekhyun are like "what just happened?


baekhyun ♥ My bias but is it bad that i actually thought this was taehyung cuz of the last photo?

150721 star1 magazine

I'm a carefree fun loving person who just wants to have fun in life.

Exo bakhyun sehun sebaek

Exo bakhyun sehun sebaek

kai x baekhyun x chen / proud parents at their son's grad ceremony

I cannot when Baekkie do this stare (same with Nini TuT)

— you're my light when all is dark [♡]

AM BACKKKK and a lot of things happened to me life while I was gone so.yeah :p for the time being here's a picture of baekhyun cr to;