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We might die from medication but we sure killed all the pain - Bright Eyes (Lua)

It's hard sometimes be it's NOT our fault!  We didn't ask for it, it just happened.  So please don't get down on yourself.  I know it's hard at times, I do the same thing!

me…defined…in no specific order…exhibit d…

"Depression is not selfish. Not having understanding is selfish. Not having patience is selfish. Looking down on people with depression is selfish. Depression is not selfish.

The reason why I've been up now all night just doing things behind my computer... I'm affraid to go te sleep because then I can't think of anything else but the pain.

Axonal Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy

I absolutely love this song and this line. I may have cried at the concert...

"always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name" -- "murder in the city" by the avett brothers LOVE LOVE LOVE this print!

#lupus #invisibleillness

Not lazy. Not crazy. Just in pain. - Perfect response to Migraine stigma.

Endo nails

I have Endometriosis. There is no cure. Painful life is normal for me and it took me years to accept this fate.

The Flip Side: Spiraling Downward

"When you’ve had the same constant, steady pain for so long that you’ve forgotten what it feels like not to hurt, it’s sometimes hard to tell whether someone’s asking, 'Are you in pain today?' or 'Are you in more pain than usual today?'" eds pots fibro


Lisa Copen, author of "Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage A Chronically Ill Friend," shares how it isn't HER strength that helps her cope with daily chronic pain. I'll say Amen to that quote!