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"Horse girls are easy to love. They're just hard to afford" quote

People underestimate the bond we share

people think it sound weird, but this is so true. my horses are always there for me and they truly are some of my best friends.

Thats a fighter :p

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That Dappled Palomino Horse is going Grey because of its whitish head. When it reaches its teens, no one would ever known that in its youth it was a beautiful dappled palomino.


Paints- so pretty. My sweet uncle loaned me a paint for years. His name was Pinto!

In a world where animals are wrongly disposable when they are no longer useful, I am in awe of the person who invested so much in this horse!

Barnyard Critters ~ horse , cat , and dog

These horses have changed our hearts, our lives, our world. Perhaps more so than these important cats and dogs.


DA Remote Control, aka Clicker, is a Half-Arabian mare whose unusual coat pattern is the result of a somatic mutation. The pattern is not hereditable.