From Friday, I needed something silly in my life.snake, because snakes are great and Jeih plays the part well. __ On a more serious note, Jeih’s trauma messes with the Locks’ normal Bond.

YOU BROKE MY DESK by Allison Theus - Allison Theus does AMAZING work does she/he do a comic book or something?

Kind of a semi-disappointing character dump this round. I ended up with waaay too many finished Aryian and Jeih interactions. I had plenty of other characters roughed out but seemed to have a harde.

"Not Quite Houdini" by Culpeo-Fox on deviantART.com.

Remember when i broke my arm back then? Well, it's Skia now who slashed her thumb, so a proper answer to her glorious comic was inevitable (although Sin. Not Quite Houdini

NANA by UrsulaDecay.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Oliver's mom should really apply at a art college as a Art Professor I think she'd be great at it! Olly has flash backs of nam when he goes to buy a card for his Trish.

I love the idea of centaurs being skittish like horses are

I love the idea of centaurs being skittish like horses are<<Credit to artist

Stuff 9 by sharkie19 on deviantART

Husky from +Anima (still my favorite manga) Random girl Percy Jackson April and Donatello Flame Princess for &nbsp; (Marker and Colored Pencil) Mermando and Mabel Background for HTTYD 2 Night and D.