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Ethan ❤️❤️ the one standing

This is still the cutest! when ethan said happy birthday to gray❤️

I just rewatched that video. That video is hilarious.

"Don't spit that milky milk on my thigh" Gods their laughs are soo adorable it needs to be treasured love this vid

My eyes have been blessed

{Grayson and Ethan Dolan} hey I'm Ethan and this is Grayson! We're both and single. Jaceys our sister but she won't admit it *laughs* intro?

So awkward❤️ • Pinterest: @SpookyAvaviolet✨

So awkward❤️ • Pinterest: @SpookyAvaviolet✨


[ Fc: Ethan Dolan ] Nick Manton is the identical twin brother of Josh and is a junior.

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Dolan Twin Imagines and Prefrences - Pictures u take of him

XxJadeGxX ❤️

I really want for this special people in my entire life to win all the nominations for teen choice awards they deserve it. I literally cried when i found out l love them so much !they are the only ones who makes me laugh or smile when no one else can

why am i the one in the bottom right corner and the top left corner omg

I'm the bottom left, and the one in the bottom middle. I'm very protective over the twins honestly lol