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We make holsters for the Colt 1911. These are handsomely engraved by Otto Carter.

Colt Obsessed with the detailing Gold Cup

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My Dream Handgun: Engraved 1911 with Gold Accents and Pearl Grips

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Whatever your style is, whether it is Cowboy Repeaters or Colt chances are there is a weapon in this collection that will tickle your fancy. Take a look at this large collection of custom engraved weapons.


Okay I want this gun. But I also want it as a tattoo. Or I could get my leopard print revolver on me.

Leonard Francolini Colt..again with accessories,  love it all, design and opal handle

Make it with mother of pearl:Leonard Francolini Colt.again with accessories, love it all, design and opal handle

Look at these Vintage Silver guns....MFN beautiful. I think they are circa 1911... But not sure.

Look at these Vintage Silver guns. I think they are circa…

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A custom build by a friend at Firespeed Tactical and Lonely Raven.