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peach and daisy/amy and cream | Sonic and Mario Switcheroo by ~TanyaHedgehog on deviantART

peach and daisy/amy and cream

this is me and my friend after watching a part of an episode of Chobits!

I know I haven't seen Dragonball: Evolution but I'm sure these were people's reactions to what they finished watching. XD Goku and Vegeta Poster

No cabe duda que es el dibujo más importante que nos dejó la década de los 80s, después del éxito de Dragon Ball, la segunda parte de este anime fue lanzado en 1989, sin embargo bastó solo unos cuantos episodios para embolsillarse a jóvenes y niños.

Secret hidden message can be heard by playing Dragon Ball Z theme .

dbz abridged memes - Google Search

One quote of dbz abridged episode so awesome. the part of the crab killed me too, altough I couldnt understand it well XD dragon ball z abridged m.

An ensemble of Elite Mooks more developed than faceless mooks but not as developed as the Five-Bad Band. Occasionally The Dragon or other major villain is part of The Team, and will be the official or unofficial leader. The competency of this …

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods official poster drawn by Akira Toriyama

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods official poster drawn by Akira Toriyama! [His art has really changed, but i still like it.

Dragon Ball Z: La Resurrección de Freezer por fin a llegado - TJmix tu espacio

FUNimation has picked-up the animated adventure Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F for U. release, with a Los Anegles Premiere set for April.

Ivan Tao... | Kai Fine Art

Ivan Tao...

Dragonball Z Fan Art. Created by Ivan Tao. Dragonball Z Fan Art Created by Ivan Tao Something seems really off about Goku's face to me Anyone else?