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안녕하세요 하얀풀입니다. 아리와 디바는 자매같은 캐릭이라 반반해서 넣어봤습니다. (양념반 후라이드반)p.s  제그림은 상업적인 용도만 아니라면 소장용 및 인장 등 편하게 사용해주시면 감사하겠습니다.가끔씩 건너건너 아시는분이 제그림을 봤다고 하시면 상당히..

So basiclly its Ahri and D.va both cut in half and glued back with their other half's, but everything's written in Korean. I really need that north Korean flag.

Hey I'm Sage my brother sadly is Rayth. I'm a lot smarter than his by a long shot. But no worse in the sarcastic area.

A page for describing Characters: Persona Confidants. NPCs in Persona 5 who you can engage in Visual Novel-esque segments with to receive various gameplay …

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Captain Ferris as depicted in the Legends fighting his werewolf brother, Harlock.

Widowmaker by VVernacatola

Widowmaker (Amélie Lacroix): Overwatch game drawing [Artist: VVernacatola] - Browse best gaming and anime drawings, illustrations, fan art